Our Team

Board of Trustees

Jo Haughey (Chairperson)

Anna Holdsworth

Tracey Clare

Josh Wharehinga

Kate Long

Carrie Barclay (Staff Rep)

Glen Udall (Principal)

Support Staff

Debbie Ross - Office Administrator

Katy McLaughlin - Office Administrator

Susan Yuile - Office Administrator

Kay Bermingham - Financial Administrator


Walter Shepherd - Teacher Aide

Kat Swann - Teacher Aide

Shane’h Williams - Teacher Aide

Andrew Ingoe - Teacher Aide

Lee Devery - Teacher Aide

Keri Ngatoro - Teacher Aide


Dale Robertson - Property Manager

Chris Underdown - Property Manager



Senior Management

Glen Udall (Principal)

Brendon Hart (Deputy Principal)


Students 2019

Total Students = 602

Year 7 = 308

Year 8 = 294

Teaching Team

Team Leach

Jodie Leach Lead/LH4

Paige Bennett LH1

Emily Willock LH1

Dylan Babbington LH5

Shawn Norris LH6


Team Devery

Anna Devery Lead/LH2

Wendy Wallace LH2

Rapiata Ria LH2

Puri Hauiti LH2

Tracey Maynard LH2


Team Walters

Kaytlin Walters Lead/LH3

Barry Huhu LH3

Wayne Ensor LH8

Sofie Gaddum LH8

Quentin Mill LH8



Team Church

Amber Church Lead/LH9

Michaela Parker LH9

Charlotte Mossman LH7

Jess Hughes LH10

Rebecca Schultz LH11


Team Tech Arts

Raewyn Hunt Lead  |  Music

Bryan Notting Art

Jamie Ashman Industrial

Tina Swann Food

Conrad Smith STEM

Anna de Lautour Horticulture

Reg Namana Hauora


Leaders of Learning

Carrie Barclay - Numeracy

Glenda Sambrook  - Literacy

Julie Joll Additonal - Educational Needs



Gisborne Intermediate is focused on meeting the unique characteristics and needs of emerging adolescents.

Our aim is to grow great people by working in partnership with parents, in preparing our young people for living in the 21st century...



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PO Box 1252, Gisborne 4040

06 867 2246

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